One year ago today

On this day, exactly one year ago, we got engaged on top of the Eye of London. We will always remember this day when we decided to become a family for real and discover all the wonderful things life has to offer together, always.

It was an amazing day. We arrived in London, the sun was shining and we immediately started exploring. We started at the Queen’s Gallery where we spent about two hours and where I marveled at the art, moving and changing through the centuries. Then we went to the Tower of London – one of the places I’d always wanted to visit, and spent around three hours there, taking pictures, listening to the Yeomen’s stories and just admiring rich history (and me fangirling on Anne Boleyn and silently correcting everything the Yeoman said).

After that we went to the hotel, where I fell asleep almost immediately. It was around 5 pm and about an hour later, K was waking me up – he looked kind of tense but I paid no attention to it. My head hurt and all I wanted was to go back to bed, but hey – we were in London and I was filled with euphoria and admiration. I got dressed and K said to hurry up – he wanted us to go on top of the Eye of London this evening and we had to catch it before it closes.

So we went. Standing under the Eye, we could see how beautiful it was, but when the personnel told us the price per person, I was kind of like “Naah, let’s get out of here, that’s too much.” (Yup, I’m cheap like that). But K was determined we should get tickets and go up. It was weird, because… well he’s afraid of heights 🙂 (sorry, babe!) Nevertheless, I just thought he really wanted to visit one of London’s main attractions.

Aaand we went up. Up, up and up. There were 10-15 people in the cabin altogether. I was circling from one side to the next, admiring the view, taking pictures and just smiling ear to ear, while K was just sitting down on the bench with his hands between his knees, looking nervous. The whole time I just thought he was nervous because of the ever increasing height. (Months later he confessed to me that he did imagine the cabin falling into the river and starting to fill up with water, while we’re trapped inside, not able to get out. Adorable).

When we reached the top, it was amazing. At that point K stood up, took the camera and asked a man to take a picture of us. He did and I thanked him, but then K said “Can you take another one?” The man was like “Sure” and when he lifted the camera, I suddenly realized K was pushing me away (because I was snuggling in him) and falling on one knee.

I froze. I literally stopped breathing for a second and I suddenly was very aware there were all these people staring at us. I was feeling a whole bunch of things at the same time, when he asked me if i wanted to be his wife. His eyes were so big and filled with tears and his voice sounded so nervous. And the moment I said “Yes”, his whole face lit up like a Christmas tree, he put the ring on my finger, stood up and just hugged me. The whole time the man was taking pictures of us and saying “Oh my God, is this really happening?!”, he was almost as excited as we were. Then he turned to everyone in the cabin and said “Hey, this guy just proposed!” and then everyone was clapping, congratulating and cheering us, while the Eye was slowly rotating and our cabin – coming down to the earth again.

Right then, seconds after I said “Yes”,  rain started pouring down out of nowhere – heavy and beautiful, raindrops glistening on the glass of the cabin and we stayed in each others’ arms, watching the river, Tower Bridge and the rain… It was amazing.

It’s a year later now and what a wonderful year it was! I often think of our journey to becoming a family and I ask myself would I change something if I could. But I always tell myself that it is that same journey that brought us to where we are now – and where we are now is happiness, joy and the building of the most awesome life together!


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