Happy and nervous

Okay, so I’m really nervous and happy about what we’re about to embark upon. We’re about to become a family of three. No, I’m not pregnant 🙂 We’ve been talking for awhile about adopting a kitten and last week we saw a post in Facebook about a 2-month-old kitten in need of “parents”. It took a little bit of convincing and I bet you can’t guess who was convincing who… Yup, he was convincing me. And it should have been the other way around. Actually, it has been, in the past. It’s funny, because I’ve been wanting a cat for a reeeallly long time and now suddenly I got cold feet. I just started to ask myself all these questions like if we were going to manage it, if our lives would change drastically, if we could take care of it properly, love it enough, etc. I of course also wondered about what would we do if we got pregnant at some point. I had to be convinced that if we adopt this cat, we would never, ever abandon her, that we will be her family always. I had to have the inner conviction and strength to know I can do this (everything) before we committed to this cat.
Over the last couple of days I was able to answer these questions to myself. Today I talked to the girl, who is fostering “Catie” right now (I’m putting her name in brackets, because I think we both don’t like the name much and we will change it when we take her home) and after speaking for about 15 minutes (she conducted a small interview over the phone, to make sure we were the right people to adopt the kitten; I also had some questions for her) we decided together that we were perfect for “Catie” and we will adopt her very soon. K and I are going away next weekend and so we’ll probably wait until after we come back to get her. We wouldn’t want to take the poor baby and leave her alone at home 3 days later. And this will also give us time to buy bed, cat litter and some toys for our new addition 🙂


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