The day after


I was browsing randomly through my files on the computer at work and I happened to find this photo. It’s the day after our wedding, on our way out of the hotel where we held the reception and where everybody slept after. My Mom took this photo right before we got into the car and headed home. I love it. I still have my wedding hair, the “wedding sneakers” I had specially made to wear at the party, for when my feet get sore; I’m holding a bunch of flowers (a small portion of all the flowers we got) in one hand and our “wedding painting” in the other. My face is literally lit with happiness and love.
“The wedding painting” was a gift from my friend, Mur (she’s an artist). About two months before the wedding I asked her if she could find me someone who was willing to create for us a piece like that. The idea came, of course, from Pinterest, where I saw that people sometimes used paintings instead of wedding books for the guests to write wishes. People are supposed to write their good wishes directly on the painting, with silver pens and it turns out quite beautiful. Later, the newlyweds can hang the painting somewhere in their home and be reminded of the happiest day of our lives and of the love given to them by their family and friends.
As I knew Mur had a lot going on in her work, I didn’t want to ask her to do the painting herself, but she surprised me and told me she would be happy to do it and it will be her wedding gift to us.
The painting was beautiful, simply gorgeous. A big heart with beautiful nuances of red, pink and crimson and a gentle green background. On the reception, the whole evening, people wrote things on it with the silver pens we have left for them near the painting. Our best friends and our beloved family left their words for us on this amazing piece of art, making it even more unique and inspiring.
This painting now hangs in our bedroom, above the bed and I see it every time I wake up and every time I go to bed. Аnd I’m reminded of the love that surrounds us always, the love that is with us from birth and will stay with us and with our children and grandchildren forever. Because, like art, love echoes through eternity.


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