Un alma que baila


This is a photo of me and my friend S. , dancng bachata in 2012. I browsed some old “salsa party photos” last night, after I came back home from a party. It was my first for 2014 and we all had great fun (hoping to get my hands on some pictures later). This image is one of my favorites, first of all because we are both unaware we are being photographed and second, because in it, you can clearly see the beauty and charisma of bachata dancing.
On last night’s party there was a woman, who celebrated her birthday, who is a beginner in salsa dancing. When they brought up the cake and after the DJ played this song, she wanted to say a few words. She said “Salsa dancing changed my life. I have been dancing only for a few months and I feel like a new person. I met new, wonderful and exciting people, I enjoy life more, I feel the music everywhere around me. I love it.”
It was a great moment that sent me back to 2010, when I first started dancing and I remembered vividly the feeling. My life changed as well – I became a better person, I found a way to express myself through movement, music and dance and I let art and beauty into my life. Best of all – I healed old wounds and learned to find magic in unexpected places. Salsa, bachata, cha cha cha, kizomba… I am grateful I have them in my life and I hope I continue to dance even when I’m pregnant one day 🙂

Signing off with this personal favorite cha cha cha song…


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